Transformational Coach, ADD Specialist and Organizing Expert

Space for what matters.

Why I do this

I know the pain of feeling you have so much to offer, so much potential and not being able to get traction and move forward. I do this because I want everyone to have the chance to bring their own unique brilliance into the world. The world needs you, needs what you have to contribute, now more than ever. Let’s discover that and make it bloom.

If you are ready overcome what stands in your way, develop the skills to create deep and lasting change in your life and build a life of meaning, purpose and joy, then click the button and schedule a free session.


Saundra Wolfe
Transformational Coach, ADD Specialist and Organizing Expert

Who I Coach

Change Makers

​What I offer

Support for your journey

Deep transformation

Transformational Coaching

Learn to start where you are and access your deep knowing to chart a course forward to a life of integrity and joy.

ADHD Coaching

Build a strong, steady foundation of resources and skills that allow you to move forward in the direction of your goals.

Professional Organizing

Clear the clutter, make space for what matters most to you. Live a cleaner, simpler and more easeful life.


I trust that she will attend to my design pursuits with keen interest, useful perspectives, and support for the process of discernment and execution. She has been impeccably responsive to my questions and caring about addressing specific details.            - Susan Werner

Saundra was very flexible and willing to adjust to my needs. She was responsive to my energy level and willing to switch gears and move to a different task when it best suited my needs. She had lots of ideas and resources that were helpful.                 -  Holly Wilder